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According to WebMD, caregiver burnout "is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that may be accompanied by a change in attitude -- from positive and caring to negative and unconcerned." The reasons for caregiver burnout are varied, but the primary reasons include:

  • Lack of proper rest and sleep
  • Stress from performing tasks beyond their skill level or comfort zone
  • Having unrealistic expectations
  • Social isolation
  • Conflicts with their loved one (especially when dementia is involved)
  • Feelings of guilt

Respite Care in Bensalem, PA

Once burnout strikes, caregivers may find themselves fatigued, exhausted, and lacking passion. They may find themselves filled with stress and anxiety. Eventually, they find themselves facing physical and mental health problems, including depression and chronic illness. In fact, the Family Caregiver Alliance notes that caregivers "report higher levels of depressive symptoms and mental health problems among caregivers than among their noncaregiving peers...between 40 to 70 percent of caregivers have clinically significant symptoms of depression, with approximately one quarter to one half of these caregivers meeting the diagnostic criteria for major depression." The National Institute of Health adds, "Caregiver burden and strain have been related to the caregiver’s own poor health status, increased health-risk behaviors (such as smoking), and higher use of prescription drugs. Researchers have reported that caregivers are at risk for fatigue and sleep disturbances, lower immune functioning, altered response to influenza shots, slower wound healing, increased insulin levels and blood pressure, altered lipid profiles, and higher risks for cardiovascular disease."

For as bad as caregiver burnout is for the caregiver, it is just as bad for the senior. Seniors who require care are often unable to understand why their loved one is behaving strangely, aggressively, angrily, etc. Many times, these seniors are unable to communicate their desires, fears, or anxieties. The stress of the caregiver transfers to the senior and, instead of the care improving the quality of life, the senior's overall life experience is degraded.

In many cases the cure for caregiver burnout is simple: take a break. In order for a break to be taken, in home senior care can provide respite care support. Short term breaks, or respite care, allow family caregivers to take off from 30 minutes to several days. There is no specific reason needed for respite care services. Some caregivers sleep, others catch up on socialization, and other still use the time to take care of their own appointments and commitments. The key is taking the time to reduce stress, worry, and exhaustion. Professional caregiving provides family members with the peace of mind that comes from knowing a senior loved one is receiving the care and support needed while they are away.

Many studies verify that family members who take advantage of regular respite care breaks not only have fewer instances of burnout, but their physical and mental health can be restored as well.

In short, caregiver burnout is a very serious condition for both the caregiver and the senior receiving care. With professional caregiving support, family members who provide care can take a break, get support, or even turn over some of their caregiving duties in order to restore their own health and get their physical and mental health back on track. 

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