End of Life Care in Langhorne, PA

Comforting and supportive end of life care during this difficult time.

Seniors who are dying require physical and emotional comfort as well as support with personal care tasks and household responsibilities. End of life care services can fulfill these needs and ease the emotional distress that families of dying individuals experience. At Comfort Keepers, we are pleased to provide high quality end of life care to older adults with a limited life expectancy while supporting their families.

End of Life  Care in Langhorne, PA

If you opt for end of life care, one of our experienced and warmhearted caregivers or Comfort Keepers will help your loved one with personal care tasks and household duties. They will often clean up the house, do laundry, go grocery shopping, prepare nutritious, well-balanced meals, pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy, collect mail, and run errands.

With end of life care services, you and your family can spend time expressing your love and last thoughts to your loved one rather than focusing on keeping his or her house in order or cooking meals. Our services will ensure that you and your family are truly making the most out of your loved one’s last days, weeks, or months.

It’s important to understand that all end of life care plans are completely individualized to meet the needs of every family. A client care coordinator will be happy to meet with you and other family members to design a care plan that makes sense for your needs and loved ones wishes. We can also work with a hospice agency and medical professionals to make sure that your senior is receiving the right type and amount of care.

You will also find end of life care services useful once your loved one passes away. Our Comfort Keepers can provide you and your family with emotional support and make the grieving process more manageable and less overwhelming. In addition, we can assist with the coordination of funeral and burial plans and help organize and move your loved one’s possessions.

When your loved one is dying, you should encourage him or her to communicate final wishes and openly share feelings. Your loved one may also find it comforting to leave a legacy by writing letters to family members or close friends or recording messages that can be passed on for generations to come. Individuals have different preferences when they have a limited amount of time left so it’s important to figure out what your loved one prefers and respect his or her wishes.

End of life care services have been proven to reduce the difficulty of this emotional and stressful time. Contact Comfort Keepers today for more information.

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